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Girls who code!

Women girls coding

As a former software developer, I'm brushing up on my skills and looking to dive deeper into machine learning engineering. Shout out to Reshma and Girls Who Code! With that in mind, I decided to enroll in CS50x a Harvard course that provides students with a great introduction to computer science fundamentals and the internals of computer systems. It's exciting to be leveling-up my knowledge and understanding of technology and machine learning engineering, even after all these years. What I've found so far is that CS50x is approachable regardless of experience level. From the tutorials that provide an introduction to the more advanced topics, the course can satisfy both rookies and veterans alike. Plus, the helpful hints and guides make it a breeze! CS50x is providing me with a great opportunity to gain a better handle on computational thinking and machine learning. At the end of the day, honing my skills and understanding of technology will help me become an even better product leader in the AI space, and I'm looking forward to leveraging my newfound knowledge to lead my teams to success.

I love being a girl who (still) codes!

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