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The land of biohacking ADHD (lasering into my zen)

Focuscalm EEG headsest

Who needs focus or calm?

So I've experienced lots of change in the last few years with lots of ups and, for sure, a few downs. My son was recently diagnosed with ADHD as a 10 year old. He’s struggled with school and maintaining friendships which I for one can relate to as I also have ADHD. Growing up with a mother from southern California and my aunt, who is a chiropractor, I’ve always sought out alternative healing and medicine. This has rubbed off in other areas of my persona as I’m always seeking the latest and greatest love living on the cutting edge of human ingenuity. You might call this shiny object syndrome, but I recently learned people like me were highly revered in ancient societies, as we are the water seekers. No shine, no water. As technology advances and we’re able to study the human condition more thoroughly there are quite a few shiny objects in my radar. The latest of which came from a combination of seeking non-drug therapy for my son and a need for me to continue striving to make the most out of what brain I have left. I have been on the planet for half a century and have yet to reach nirvana and am a bit concerned about the aging process, and my mental prowess which I’ve taken some pride in over the years. If you’re also into exploring the mind, tap in. There may be something here for us both.

How did I start brain training research?

With my son as my top prio, I put on my big girl biohacker boots and started my exploratory research. I began with the most basic of Google searches. “What alternative treatments to medication are there for kids with ADHD?” I landed on an at home device that is FDA approved for kids. The Monarch eTNS System for Treating Pediatric ADHD. Their site says its, “An innovative, non-medication treatment option for children with ADHD. About the size of a cell phone, the Monarch external trigeminal nerve stimulation (eTNS) device connects to a disposable patch placed on your child’s forehead at bedtime. Once turned on, the device sends low stimulating pulses to the trigeminal nerve through the patch overnight.” I immediately emailed a handful of Pediatric Psychiatrists in NYC, and to my surprise none of them had any experience with the device or anything else of its kind. Nor did they express any willingness to look at the research and give it a shot. So it was time for me to take the reigns.

Time for some DIY biohacking

Knowing there’s more than one way to crack an egg (I like cats so won’t use the more common metaphor) I began my own search for at home brain training devices. Wow what a multi week spin that sent me into doing a bit of research daily via google, youtube, etc. From nerve stimulation, biofeedback to neurofeedback with all the related acronyms, I went into a bit of a spin. There are so many options to choose from that solve different problems at widely varying price points. I eventually focused my search on neurofeedback via EEG or frontal lobe blood flow stimulation. Both of these techniques hone in optimizing meditation to control your brain waves. More on this in a future blog post to talk about the top options I was debating. Where I finally landed and ordered yesterday was… the FocusCalm EEG Headband.

Why an at home EEG device?

The big deciding factors for me were…

Convenience: I don’t want to have to take my son and myself to a Neurofeedback professional which even with decent insurance would add up quickly. With the FocusCalm, all I have to do is wear a device at home and do some training exercises mostly centered around meditation.

Price: It’s relatively affordable compared to other EEG devices. I also purchased the discounted lifetime membership of games, meditations, etc.

So I’m going to leave it here for today and fill you in on the rest of the journey as I go. You can follow along as I embrace the possibilities of helping my son and myself on this adventure of mindfulness, self-discovery and growth.

** Please feel free to leave comments. Also let me know if I’ve made any offensive comments. I’m a big supporter of DEI and always in empathy learning mode and have no intent to upset.

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